Digital Art

Art – the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The Photograph is the capture of a one-a-kind piece of art for the moment and only determined art in the eye of the beholder.  Time considered, there is never again an opportunity to duplicate an original photograph.  It can be copied or duplicated but the original will be the original forever.  A painter can copy or represent it on canvas with the skills of their craft and many paintings are a copy of a photo.  They can duplicate, embellish or enhance it as the way the article effects them.  Photography art and the artist also attempt the same from a photo by painting with the digital brush of media.

A painter has a wonderful skill honed to replicate an image or vision they admire and wish to share with emphasis in it where they wish.  Like the painter, the digital artist is said to be painting with light and will choose the image to be presented and how it will be delivered.  There are those in both crafts that present it as they can and differently then others might.  Like the painter, a rendition of the presentation may not reflect the actual image but may capture the image as the artist sees it or want you to see or feel it.  The digital artist often starts with unprocessed raw data captured by a sophisticated DSLR camera.  That one-of-a-kind raw data file includes the ingredients to build unlimited photography renditions that try to capture the “you-had-to-be-there” feeling.  Done through adjustments to saturation, clarity lighting, and sometimes distortions, using the actual data captured by the camera but not always visible in a processed photo .  Photographers, architects, painters and other crafts’-persons try to produce articles of purpose and feelings that moves us to want, enjoy, own, and display.  I an striving to be an digital artist.  Whether my photo or yours, I’d hope to create a piece that means something special to you.  (The following photos can be opened in new window by double clicking it).

Photo NYC

NY City photo that is the beginnings of photography art.


Photography Art

I used this photo Plus one other to create this sign


Sharing pictures

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