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Sebastian Florida in the Winter......
Sebastian Florida in the Winter……


My blog is for family, friends, and anyone interested in what ever is posted here (which basically is what I’m interested in or can get interested in).  I exclude no one but anyone that abuses this site will be excluded and banned. Be Smart Stimulating conversation and interesting views are both informative and healthy.  Some will seem trivial and others “not so much” but interesting to someone.  At this point, it is the things I am interested in and currently it is photography and what it brings to the table in many forms.  Whether it is video, still, or combinations of each projected into new digital displays; I am interested in exploring it.  I have a Phantom Vision Drone, Nikon DLSR equipment, Adobe computer software, and accessories for virtual tours and interior lighting and an appetite for more butPhoto+Drugs quickly running out of money.

Photography (for me) is a many faceted practice.  There is the equipment, the eye for the photo, the software and knowledge.

Some would call it art and others would argue that it is not art but a professional service or a hobby.  To that I’d suggest it is or can be all.  Like a painter that captures what they see and then embellishes it as they like with paint; the photographer of today’s digital world does much the same with their camera and software.   During the days of film and darkrooms it was a process of being extremely in tune with both your camera and the chemical development process.  Today (as with many things) the camera  is embedded with computer ship that does some processing on the fly.  Although most cameras still allow the all manual approach to using the camera it is also the new software that allows one to fix the settings post shutter close.

Even the abstract art can be done with camera and software.  Programs like the Adobe Lightroom and the Adobe Creative Cloud offering allows the novice to work at their own pace to discover the incredible things that can be done (with what use to be too expensive for the hobbyist).  Oh don’t worry you can still spend a lot of money on equipment and instructions if you choose but there is also the 300 dollar point and shoot camera, $10/month Adobe Creative Cloud, and YouTube tutorials to make your photos pop.

Photography Tools.

I use a Nikon 5300 for my shots but many of the ones I work with were shot with “who knows what”.  They are shots I took over the last 20 to 40 years and some were scanned in from old photos.  It was my daughter-law that got me hooked when she gave me a Nikon D60 that wasn’t working.  I sent it to Nikon and they repaired it and I was off to the races.  I use Adobe CC Photography software and am a big fan of Serge Ramelli, a French photographer with many free and fee tutorials.   He tries to put out a free lesson every couple weeks if you subscribe to him on his website.  It is only the last couple years that I have become possessed with the process of enhancing the photos I’ve taken and trying new ways of taking exciting photos.  I’m also interested in virtual tour software (PTGUI) and drone photography.  I have a Phantom Drone but haven’t flown it in a while because I’ve been into creating art from my photos and getting to know other artists of all types.  Loving the excitement of crating.  Hope I understand this blog thing and it gets some interesting content.  I’ve had site before but not a blog so be patient with me.