Photography Art Flowers & Gardens

Photography Art – Flowers and Gardens ….

Some of the most beautiful photography art and certainly the most colorful are those of flowers and gardens photos.  Many photographers get their start and passion when they start shooting flowers and nature.  One of my most valued pictures is of cherries on my Mother and Father’s cherry tree in the back yard.  The photo brings back all my mother’s frustrations at keeping the birds from getting to the cherries before she could get them.  That is what is the most rewarding thing of a photography.  It is the memories it recalls and if it is a great photography the sharing of those memories.

Photographing flowers can be thought of as portraits.  Like the ones professional photographers do with children.  Keeping a child quite and smiling long enough to capture the photo and making sure the wind or bees don’t move your flower object are challenges.  Close ups and using the focus points can make a flower shot very appealing.  There are so many of my photos that have also captured a bug or bee I didn’t discover until home on computer doing my developing.  Flowers and hard landscapes are my favorite photos to take and display.  For flowers it is difficult for me to transform them into something they are not.

Here are some of the ones we have captured for your enjoyment.  Most of these are of our beloved Texas gardens but there are a few from Washington State.