Sharing Memories

Wish they’d share pictures or want to share yours?

Here is a great idea but first let me tell you what problems it solves.

  1.  My children (or friends, etc.) live far away and I’d love it if they’d show me their pictures (of grandchildren, places they go, house, vacation, etc.)
  2. I would like to share pictures with my grandchildren, friends or love ones

The way I do it is with a wonderful WiFi picture frame.  I can give my son and my sister the email address and approve them to send pictures and when they find a picture to share they just send it and it will appear on my frame in my living room.  We love it.  It is like the ones you buy to insert you photos cards into and display them (and it will also do that) but it also collects pictures sent to an email address ( and they will then appear on 1 to 5 frames anywhere in the world that is connected to the internet and registered.    It is done through a cloud account set up when you purchase the frame and has instructions how to set it up and manage input.  Each frame can have playlists for topics or where the pictures originated.  You can also approve the pictures before they appear.  Click on the link below and take a look.

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