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Many years ago a professional photographer shooting our retail store informed me that one of the key secrets to taking great photos was to “take lots of pictures”.  I assumed that meant, with all those,  you’d certainly get some good ones.  I’ve found that to be true but somewhat dated.   He was shooting film at the time and now we take digital (or as I like to call them ones and zeros) that do not have the intense processing time involved with “a lot of pictures”.  Well I’ve practiced that religiously and have some wonderfully captured photos of our beautiful USA available for your viewing.  The thing he didn’t tell me, and I wish he had, was only keep the good ones.  Now I have to sort through all those old photos and delete the not so good ones and duplicates.

Photography has been a personal pleasure for me and as I learn more I enjoy the process and details.  If you’ve ever taken a photo and later shared it with someone and didn’t quite get the reaction you suspected only to follow up your share with the comment “I guess you really had to be there“, you’ll know what I mean as I tell you that your eyes and brain process the light from a image viewed and it is different than a camera captures.  With the old film, it was difficult to capture that without being a great photographer and film developer.  Now with zeros and ones (digital) photography, computerized cameras with screens on them to view as you shoot, and sophisticated software processing, it is much easier.

This drone photo was taken of Pecan Plantation orchard on a beautiful day when I thought the color bright and alive.


Pecan Plantation Orchard

I guess you had to be there because it looked better  to me then so…

color adjustments

Remove some shadows take down highlights and add clarity

The last thing is to get rid of the fisheye lens distortion

Adjust the DJI fisheye lens

Adjust the DJI fisheye lens

Not yet perfect but better.  I’ve always wished I could create art and so admire the painter that takes a view (perhaps even a photo) and paints what he sees to canvas.  Now with software like Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom, we can take the camera’s raw data it collects from the light passing through the lens in the short time it is open.  Then highlight the things my “eyes to the brain” data saw.  I enjoy the results and love to share them.  Some are surprises, others are efforts to tune the parameters of the shot (how much light comes through the lens and for how long) to recreate the image.  As with the painter, the photographer can transform the image into an artful representation.  One great definition of what is done with photography is painting with light and I love what it says.

but in the mean time:

Here are some favorite pictures to view until we get the site more complete and can share some Galleries.

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Christmas at the Biltmore Estate

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