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Virtual Walkways, is excited to offer professional photography services that employ leading edge, and proven technologies to enhance the experience of virtual touring.    Virtual tours of properties, most generally seen in high end real-estate, can be just a slideshow or a more sophisticated delivery of still and video photography.   In the virtual tour world there are tours looking around a room or object and also with hotspots to enhance the experience.   If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a virtual tour of several pictures engages longer and worth many 1000s of words.  Businesses are using 360 degree tours to display their business.  Google is offering virtual tours as part of Google Maps.  (Click here for a local one).  Schools are doing virtual field trips, and of course sophisticated realtors, with expensive properties have embraced virtual tours to provide what use to be called the open house; and now it’s active 24/7.  There is no reason why the individual won’t be using the virtual tour to share items of interest through digital media.  A tour can be delivered via the internet, on a DVD or on a smart phone.  People decide quicker to book your hotel/resort or visit your place of interest when they can form a good impression through a Virtual Tour.  Digital images with hot-spots that allow the viewer to travel beyond the first photo or gain additional information of important areas.   Virtual Walkways can provide a vision that captures the images in a new way that excites clients, prospects, friends and associates.  Digital photograph frames are available that display pictures stored on the internet by you.  You can post pictures from Texas that Grandma in Ohio will view on her frame or visa-versa.  Digital image delivery in Facebook and YouTube videos are the new snapshots.  Our mission is to provide the data in the form of a tour for clients (non business and business) to use in marketing and/or sharing.  Sophisticated equipment, cameras, drones, HTML 5 browser software, Flash virtual tour players and a working knowledge of computer software make us a unique provider.  We can build a website or deliver a print.  We do this through experience, a network of affiliations, education and a genuine interest in improving our offerings over the competition.  We aim to earn your business.

Here’s a tour we did as a video tour sample.  It is much longer than it should be, in order to show many features so go get a glass of wine or a coffee (time of day dependent).

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