My name is Kenny Kunzman and I’m a senior citizen with a passion for many things.  It has varied over the 75+ years and nearly all years included a little photo-taking and a lot about computers.  The computer was in my job for many years and since the personal computer, a hobby.  I use old & new photos with my computer software for my KennyKPhotography website.  I hope my work is seen as digital art.  Often, I say it’s because I’m not great with the camera and must fix issues with my photography and must fix in post-processing on the computer.  It is a place where I can also add an artistic version of a photograph.  Here are some photos that I’ve used digital art to show an artistic flair.  Like other artists that take a scene or sketch of something and then later transpose it on canvas, I take my digital photo to my computer and then “paint” it with light and digital bits.

I’m self-taught for the photography that I do and I thank curiosity for my passion.  I enjoy sharing my efforts with others at shows.  It is rewarding when someone finds my art worthy and then displays it in their home or office.  Enjoy my site and should you have a favorite photo you’d like to have artistically displayed, please leave me a message.