What is WordPress??

WordPress is a very popular website framework that is free at WordPress.org and .com.  The following is a link to instructions about the site and the concept of BLOG.  

Introduction to Blogging | WordPress.org

I’m a “nerd” and have been one since PCs were Personal and home options.  First was an Apple in the late seventies, and once the IBM PC was available, it’s been the choice.  My photography interest has varied for many years.  In the 60s, it was slides and film but not much more than capturing the moment.  Once digital came along, it’s been my supplement to my nerd-self.  I’m self-taught and consider my photography skills mediocre, but when meshed with my PC skills a natural balance.  It is serendipity when someone finds my creations worthy of their admiration and often their money.  

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