I for one had voted Republican for most of my life but now consider myself proudly, a real independent.  It started when I realized the party rhetoric became the only real thing that differentiated RNC & DNC politics.  The results never change and yet we keep taking the same actions.  I did not vote for President Obama the first round but after he was dealt a world crisis to fix and he used his position and resources to make some very tough decisions that put things back on track, I did vote for his efforts the second term.  I did vote for Hilary and believe the successful Russian efforts weren’t as supportive of Trump but were to keep Hilary from becoming President.  She had been actively against Mr. Putin’s approach to manipulating his election and interfering in others as well.  He feared a President Clinton for her stance.  I’m concerned we were played and continue to be manipulated and used without retaliation.  It’s hard to fight a battle when many soldiers don’t realize we’re being attacked and believe that’s a disaster waiting to happen.


It is not our current President that scares me the most.  It is the political-football-game atmosphere that we have become part of and the support it receives.  Winning at any cost apparently is now okay. The RNC and DNC “teams” seem to be aligned with only a one-winner agenda and it is defended regardless of actions or facts.  Opinions spread as if they were formed by, or supportive by, the facts; but are clearly not.  As we pass those along or support those that do, it makes us all look naïve.  It is our reputation that it sends with it.  It is puzzling that we cherish Christian and similar values and yet, will support the team regardless of the player’s behavior or substantial negative and incorrect facts.  We can’t even discuss politics because the facts will be ignored or despaired in support of the team.  Our forefathers created this great nation discussing politics and ensuring that their past poor experiences were remedied through our constitution.  Whichever team you align with, you should realize there are as many people that feel differently.  It is only a Win-Win solution that can get the job done and expect participation again. 


We complain that our politicians get rich while holding office doing a job respected around the world.  We put aside the issues of the value they acquire while in office and its valuable and coveted resources.  The President gets $400,000 salary a year while our CEO’s make many millions directing one business.  For many of us, $400,000 is a lot of money. What about the National Football commissioner with a compensation nearly $1,000,000 a week (perhaps more with commissions) but we still watch, (and if can afford it) go to games, and buy the products marketed by sponsors.  It is not for or helping the $8 dollar/hour (times 2000 hours a year) workers that we won’t give a raise because it will hurt the small business person.  I remember similar issues when HMOs and again when Affordable Care was threatening our world.  “Your doctors will all quit” was the tale. With a lot of compromises, they got passed.  We should be thinking about how each of these groups is managing life. They should not be called names, questioning their motives, without really knowing their story.  Seattle raised the minimum wage to $15/hour and now the folks working in the restaurants can actually go out to eat.  Seattle is still booming for businesses with different issues to solve.  Even at $15/hour, it is the 3rd largest city of homelessness due to the high cost of housing.  60 Minutes had a great piece on it showing a fulltime mail lady living in a vehicle.  Some of the numbers above may be off but are relative to the problem.


Liberalism is routinely and wrongly presented as communism.  I don’t agree and suggest you read closely the definition and consider these facts (we are the public and we own much of America, we value being paid for our abilities and needs, China’s GDP is three times ours).  If you’re worried about their living conditions, take a look at the Chinese visitors visiting America.  No, I don’t want to live in China, I just want us to quit using old and misguiding facts.  There is a place for liberals and conservatives in our Congress. There used to be many moderates elected to bring moderation to the far right and left that benefited our country.  That isn’t true now.  A good deal is best when it is a win-win proposition so that future arrangements are encouraged. Teamwork within one unit might win a battle but it isn’t winning the war.


Term-Limits is often the solution heard to get politicians to listen to us. Often used in political battles as “drain the swamp”.  The same swamp that they eventually join. My view of Term Limits is, every X year we’ll get new members of the same old team responding to the money and squeaky wheels. Think of choosing a new doctor/professional or a seasoned one? If we want to get their attention, we need to vote all incumbents out one time and hope the good ones return smarter. If you want to stay DNC or RNC then vote a different one in. That will show them who and what to care about. Will that happen? I think not…we’re not organized and half of us think we will do it this time.


While I have the floor, one last important consideration. The earth we live on is too important to not do EVERYTHING to keep it healthy and clean.  I don’t care how much it cost and who’s doing the most. If I’m wrong we end up with a better and happier environment and new technologies.  If you don’t agree, consider this, what if you’re wrong?


Now, I saved this to the last for fear no one would read on pass it. I hope and believe that most public servants’ past and current go-for-it thinking they can make a difference. They quickly find out that they can but, it’s extremely difficult within this two-party game system. Our Representatives are abused and underpaid when compared to corporate America jobs.  Yes, there are those that aren’t good at it or may even be corrupted by the power or money.  Winning our admiration and a place in history is a strong draw that can quickly lose direction with our wrath.   We and they can do better.